EURO-HORSE Quality through experience

For over 20 years we have been sharing our love for the Western sport. Distinctive in the field of knowledge, quality and innovative products. We get ultimate satisfaction when our products result in the perfect match between horse and rider.

20+ Years passionate about Western

For over 20 years we've shared our passion for the Western sport with our customers. Distinctive in the field of knowledge, innovations and high quality products, we strive for the perfect fit. We get our ultimate satisfaction from the creation of the perfect match between horse and rider.

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Saddle fitting home-services

Many people feel the burden of saddling their horse up with a bad saddle. EURO-HORSE draws from years of experience to help you select the best fitting saddle, so you and your horse get the most out of riding. It'll be our pleasure to visit you at the location of your choice for custom-made advice.

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Repair of western saddles & tack

We also provide a repair service for saddles & tack. In 2015 Dominique spent several months in the United States to get trained in saddle making and repairing. His obtained craftsmanship has resulted in a specialized department at EURO-HORSE where we can repair western saddles, tack and pads in a professional manner.

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