Repairs saddle & tack

Certified saddler since January 2015

At the age of 6 Dominique van Buuren (1985) became acquainted with the equestrian sport. Dominique knew early on that he wanted to make his hobby into a profession. A logical step was to follow the Horse Equity & Management training course. After obtaining the diploma in 2006, Dominique worked until 2013 as manager at a number of dressage and western stables. Due to the diversity of activities with horses, Dominique has extensive knowledge of the diet, the behavior and the anatomy of the horse.

In 2014, led by Evelien, Dominique has specialized at EURO-HORSE in repairing and fitting western saddles. In early 2015, Dominique went to America for EURO-HORSE, where he was trained by Luis Vega (rwbowmansaddleco) in making and repairing western saddles. Dominique has successfully completed the training with obtaining a certificate.

For more information about repair possibilities please call +31 - 6 517 02 061


New stirrup leather extra reinforcement around the holes), per set €165,00
AZ-Twist in existing fenders €169.45
Blevins and buckles replaced, per set €54.50
Seat leather and foam replacement €395,00
Ground seat adjustment €250,00
Skirt wool liner replacement €495,00
Re-upholstery of Horn €284.95
Stitching replacement per 30 min € 17,50
Other repairs on request