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EURO-HORSE western riding supplies


In 1998 Evelien started with the mobile western store EURO-HORSE. From the beginning it was established that it should not be a 'permanent' store, but a mobile western shop with mobile saddle mail service. The company has started a hefty VW bus to drive to customers and events and the steady business growth in 2002 replaced the bus with a truck.

Thanks to experience gained and demand / supply from customers / suppliers, adjustments have been made to the shop interior in the truck in order to be able to take a more extensive range and thus serve customers even better.

As a result of business growth, Martin, Evelien's husband, started carrying out the bookkeeping and all other administrative matters from 2002 onwards. What started with evening and weekend hours has grown to a full-time function over the years.

In 2015 Dominique came to strengthen us with a second car to take on some of the saddle pass arrangements and is regularly on the EURO-HORSE stand at various shows. At the beginning of 2015, Dominique spent several months on a working visit in the USA to learn how to make the saddle and repair. This has resulted in the fact that EURO-HORSE has its own department where we can professionally repair Western saddles, tack, pads and all kinds of other items. You can read more about this at ' repairs saddles ' on this site.

In 2018, our team was strengthened by Sanghita, the wife of Dominique, she takes care of the ins and outs behind EURO-HORSE and is also owner of Western Manege Van Buuren , the ultimate test center for our products.

We believe it is important to not only keep our knowledge up to standard, but also to expand it. For this reason, regular training is provided by means of following clinics and courses with trainers, veterinarians and osteopaths.

Because we work with horses on a daily basis, we know which products work well and we like to test innovative products. You have the guarantee that all our products have gone through our hands and are being used. This way you are guaranteed a successful and enjoyable purchase!

Evelien Lalesse-Velthuis, Dominique van Buuren, Martin Lalesse and Sanghita van Buuren-Biharie

Team Euro-Horse