Bell boots

You can use our boots to protect the hoof, hoof balls and crown edges of your horse. In addition, you prevent your horse from kicking off the irons from its front hooves with its rear hooves.

Many of our overrun boots contain the 'No-Turn' technology which keeps the shoe in place. Our eQuick bell boots also have a fluffy fleece for comfort!

In eQuick® it's all about passion.

After a long experience on sports technical equipment, also for other important brands in the equestrian world, Nicola Garbossa in the last years founded eQuick with the target to offer something new and innovative.

Our experience with horses and materials help us to test everything and offer you the best product.
The first place of their mission is the horse.

They study solutions to make better protections, testing materials and innovative ideas with an enthusiastic and specialized staff that everyday work on the development of their products.

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