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Take Care, Take Cavalor 6 top tips for your grooming routine

Take Care, Take Cavalor 6 top tips for your grooming routine

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We all want the best for our horse. The daily grooming moment fulfills an important role in this for rider and horse. This is truly quality time. You see immediate results, but more importantly, these moments really strengthen the bond between you and your horse. So grooming products are definitely more than just pampering. They really make a difference. In this article, Cavalor's experts will give you 6 top tips for your grooming routine.

A horse's coat is an important indicator of equine health. A fit horse glows, has a beautiful coat, bright eyes and is energetic. True health comes from within, we all know that. But it doesn't stop there: taking good care of your horse makes him shine even more. But don't forget the hooves, either. The hooves are the horse's foundation. All day long they carry the weight of our four-legged friends. An important task and so it is even more important that they are in top condition

Tip 1: Brush with routine
Do you already have a brushing routine? Start with a rose brush for the muscular parts of the horse, then continue with a hard brush and then go over the entire horse with a soft brush. Be sure not to forget to scratch out the courts.

With a good brushing, you stimulate blood circulation, loosen dirt and old hair, and ensure that skin grease is evenly distributed throughout the coat. Each brush has a different effect, so it is definitely good to brush with different brushes.

Tip 2: Massage for blood circulation
Massaging your horse is not only very pleasant, it also has a positive effect! Who says massaging, thinks of kneading with the hands, but did you know that by good brushing you get a similar effect? Massaging releases endorphins in the body. They have a relaxing effect and are sometimes called the "happiness hormone. In addition, it also stimulates blood flow. This ensures that nutrients and oxygen can be better transported to the cells. Moreover, it allows you to easily detect sensitive areas and/or wounds. Also, take time for a massage after riding! This ensures that any waste products (for example, after a workout) are better disposed of. It stimulates relaxation and reduces stress. Win-win!

Tip 3: Wash your horse with pH-neutral products
After a wonderful wash, your horse will have a beautifully clean coat. Did you know that the pH of your horse's skin is different from that of humans? Everything that contains water, including the skin, has a certain degree of acidity also called pH. Our skin has a natural acidity of 4.0 - 5.5. The pH of the horse's skin is 7.0 - 7.4. The pH is determined by the top layer of the skin. It is an important part of the horse's defense mechanism. It protects against heat and cold as well as bacteria and other harmful invaders. Therefore, it is important not to unbalance the normal pH - neutral in the case of a horse - to avoid infections.

Products with a low pH, such as shampoos for humans, have a hydrophilic nature; they will attract moisture and dehydrate the horse's skin, resulting in dry, flaky skin. Bleaches and good degreasers have a high pH, they will absorb the natural sebum due to their hydrophobic nature, making the coat dull and the skin dry and sensitive, and infections can occur. So wash your horse with products tailored to the pH of the horse's skin, i.e. pH neutral.

Tip 4: React quickly to flakes
A shiny coat is a healthy coat. But sometimes your horse suffers from flakes, dull coat or a skin condition. Speed is of the essence! Wash your horse with a hygienic shampoo based on chlorhexidine. And preferably enriched with glycerin. This has a disinfecting and moisturizing effect. Your horse's coat will soon shine like before. Does your horse suffer from a skin condition such as fungus? Then don't forget to disinfect your tack, pads and brushes as well.

Tip 5: Focus on the hooves
Chunky hooves, painful soles and dry feet are problems that many horses "walk around" with. The quality, shape and position of the hoof is largely innate. How do you keep your horse's hooves healthy? With proper barn management, a farrier who knows his job and proper nutrition. Movement is an important part of that. Movement stimulates the functioning of the hoof mechanism and ensures good blood flow to the hoof. In addition, a clean barn is also important. In a dirty barn, ammonia is created because your horse's urine mixes with the bedding you use. Ammonia makes the hoof softer and therefore less strong. Manure and urine affect hoof quality and encourage thrush. To prevent thrush, we recommend keeping the barn as clean and dry as possible.

Tip 6: Provide healthy feed
For your horse's well-being and health, grooming is important, but healthy nutrition remains the foundation. Without an appropriate feeding program, your horse will never be comfortable in his skin and will not have a shiny coat. Because consider: if you yourself eat fast food every day, then you can apply creams all you want: your complexion will not shine. True radiance comes from within. A healthy horse efficiently gets energy and nutrients from its feed, feels good and will radiate that too.

These are the grooming must haves from Cavalor

Bianco Spray - removes even the most stubborn stains
Cavalor Bianco Spray is extremely suitable for white horses, white legs, but certainly also for dirty or dirty stains on other coat colors. It provides a clean coat that smells great, shines beautifully and feels silky smooth.

PodoGuard - hoof oil for improved hoof quality
Cavalor PodoGuard is a unique blend of nourishing and essential oils that penetrate deep into the hoof to ensure optimal hoof care. The nourishing oil in Cavalor PodoGuard will penetrate deep into the hoof and create an optimal moisture balance there. This will result in better hoof growth, development and quality. Friable and damaged hooves will be able to recover faster while a healthy hoof grows in its place.

Derma Spray - cleansing probiotic spray
As in the gut, bacteria on the skin are an important form of immunity. The active pre- and probiotics in Cavalor Derma Spray strengthen the army of good bacteria on the skin and protect the skin flora, thus supporting the natural defense mechanism. Use Cavalor Derma Spray as a natural cleansing spray for skin, coat, mane and tail. It is suitable for all common wounds, itching, irritations and other skin problems.

Freebute Gel - Relieving, deep-acting and cooling gel
Cavalor FreeBute Gel is an external gel packed with natural ingredients. The unique blend of 8 essential oils including Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea tree that are known for their relaxing, cooling, decongestant and analgesic effects make Cavalor FreeBute Gel the first aid tool of choice for overworked, sensitive or painful muscles and joints. Equi Wash - refreshing and caring shampoo.


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