Saddle fitting service

Saddle fitting service at home

Advice from a specialist
You have doubts about your horse's saddle? Would you like the advice of a saddle specialist? Because of our systematic approach EURO-HORSE will always find the right saddle for you and your horse. In the video on the right you will get acquainted with the EURO-HORSE 7-step plan.

Saddles of different brands
EURO-HORSE has many years of experience in selecting the most suitable saddle for your horse. It does not matter whether you want to buy a new or used saddle. The right sizes of your horse are the basis of our step-by-step plan. For this we need to see your horse of course. We will come to your location (at your stable or location in the Netherlands, Flanders and with the border of Germany) by appointment for a saddle fit consultation including measurement of your horse. Based on this we will search together for suitable saddles from our assortment.
Also during a show in Europe we can adjust saddles by appointment.

Price saddle post consultation
Costs* saddle pass consultation:
- Netherlands: € 85,-
- Belgium: € 85
- Germany: € 95,-
*When you buy a saddle, the saddle pass consultation is completely free of charge!

Custom made
If our standard saddles do not fit your horse's back, our saddle maker will get to work. Based on the data from the measurement he will design a "custom" saddle tree. This will be processed in a saddle completely tailored to your horse.
You will of course receive a detailed quotation in advance.
A saddle for your young horse.
You can also contact us for young horses. Ask for our "Young Horses" plan.

Repair service
EURO-HORSE is also the right address for repairs or restoration of your western saddle. Please contact one of our saddle specialists by phone for a free quote.

Interested in a visit from one of our specialists?
- NL and DE: Evelien Lalesse-Velthuis +31651082855
- NL and BE: Dominique van Buuren +31651702061

E-mail: [email protected]

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