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There are many stories about the fitting of saddles. You probably know them; the ghost and creep stories of badly fitted saddles with all the consequences for your horse, your driving style and your wallet. And one knows better than another how to measure a saddle. You probably have heard and read enough to feel a slight gnawing uncertainty when it comes to fitting saddles.

Saddle fitting service with thorough approach

That uncertainty is not necessary at all. We from EURO-HORSE separate the sense and nonsense of the saddlebags for you, because it is not all that mysterious. Thanks to our thorough approach, we can practically always find the right saddle for you and your horse.

And if you are not satisfied afterwards; our service does not end with the purchase. We are also happy to assist you with advice and assistance. A good long-term relationship is much more important than short-term profits. And when the back of your horse is so deviant, we can, if desired and in consultation with our saddler, make a custom saddle tree and ditto saddle for your horse.

Many people are afraid to saddle their horses with a badly fitted saddle. And rightly so, because the fact of the matter is, only with a well-fitted saddle you can fully enjoy riding.

Finding the right saddle, however, is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. EURO-HORSE has years of experience in finding the most suitable saddle. It does not matter whether you are looking for a new or used saddle. What is important is that we see the horse personally, that's why we come to your location. That also saves you a lot of hassle: taking time off, getting your horse on the trailer, travel time and other stress.

We charge € 85 in the Netherlands and Belgium. And in Germany € 95, - costs for a saddle pack consult per horse, but if you buy a new or used saddle at EURO-HORSE these costs will be cancelled. During the saddle fitting consultation it becomes clear whether or not your horse is suitable for fitting a saddle at that moment. If your horse is not suitable we advise you how you can solve this, for example by extra training because of too little musculation or that the horse may have to go to an osteopath.

After purchasing a saddle from EURO-HORSE, the first saddle pack consult is free within a year of purchase.

Extra service possibility

If you want to have a saddle checked purchased by a third wether or not it is suitable for your horse, you can. For this service we ask € 250 per horse. Our aftersales arrangement is not applicable. If checking during the saddle shows that none of the saddles is suitable, a saddle can still be purchased from EURO-HORSE. Then there are no extra costs.

Young Horse Plan

After purchasing the first saddle for your young horse or horse under construction, we visit every three months for a check at € 75.00 instead of € 85.00. Should it be necessary to change the saddle, we will exchange the purchased saddle (possibly with an additional payment) for a saddle that fits well at that moment. The depreciation on the purchased saddle is € 1.00 per day in normal use. In the event of extreme damage, the depreciation will increase.

When your horse has finally gained the desired musculature and construction, we have a clear view of the tree and you can exchange a final saddle (new or used) against the last used saddle. Usually the period between the first saddle and the final saddle lasts about 1 year.

During the appointment you are always free to eventually opt for a 'normal' purchase of a saddle.

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