Synergy Natural Fit performance Saddle Pad Switchback

Weaver Leather


This Weaver pad is specifically shaped to accommodate a horse's collected back in motion.

As a horse travels in motion , the back naturally rises and this Natural Fit EVA sport foam insert creates  a place for the horse's back to go. This way the Natural Fit Pad encourages collection.

The EVA sport Foam inserts have a tremendous amount of recoil and resist compression over time so the pad retains its Natural Fit Shape.

High performing natural wool wicks away sweat to evenly cool the horse.

Handwoven 100% New Zealand wool topper complemented by premium oiled top grain wear leathers provides years of durability.

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Delivery time: 4-8 weeks
No risk 90 day test ride. Saddle pad size 32'' x 34'', available in different colors. 3/4'' thickness
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