Kodiak Blanket

Big D


Big "D" Closed Front Navy Kodiak Stable Blanket

The Kodiak Stable Blanket is a durable 420 denier nylon outer shell with1200 gram virgin fiber fill. The rust resistant, brass plated steel fittings resist cracking to -30 below zero. The "mane friendly" design won't mess up your show-ready mane!

The breathable Big D show coat liner design polishes the coat and reduces sweating while creating a great show shine! This Big D stable blanket is not waterproof as it is designed for barn stabled horses. Leg straps and belly surcingle hold the Kodiak firmly in place. When fitting rear leg straps, allow six inches of slack for your horse's comfort and to prevent damage to the blanket. The taper-cut of this blanket fits broad-chested horses with minimal or lower withers particularly well.

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Available in size 74-82. Color Navy
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