Equine Legcooler

Equine Legcooler


On warm days like this, cooling is on top of mind, but to prevent or remedy injuries, good cooling is essential all year round. The Equine Legcooler offers the solution! The user-friendly system works in a dosed manner and offers the legs of your horse a constant and adjustable cooling.

During a training or competition the pressure of the weight times the speed of your horse always comes down to the tendons and joints of the lower leg. In this process all kinds of metabolic products are formed and sometimes very small damage will occur in the tissue. The tendon tissue in particular has poor blood circulation. This means that waste products can be removed less quickly, and blood cells that repair the damage are supplied less quickly.

To improve blood flow in the lower leg, it is advisable to cool for some time with cold water after every training or competition. When the lower leg cools down, extra blood is supplied to warm the lower leg again, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

Recommended treatment duration is 20 to 30 minutes. Rub the legs thoroughly dry after cooling.

Always pay sufficient attention to any swelling of the legs and the rising or heating of the tendons and contact the veterinarian in the event of an injury.

To show the effect of this effective cooling, a test was done in which the legs of the horse were cooled for 45 minutes in two different ways. We are happy to show you the results.

TEST RESULTS, see last photo.
Two different cooling methods were tested for 45 minutes: cooling with Ice Packs and cooling with the Equine Legcooler. During the test, the temperature of the lower leg of the horse was measured every 5 minutes. The legs were wet at the start. A horse without leg injury or injury was chosen.

With the Ice Packs, the lowest temperature achieved is 20 ° C. This was achieved after fifteen minutes, but rose again after 25 minutes from the start of the test. After this, the temperature continued to rise until the Ice Packs were collected.

With the Equine Legcooler, the lowest temperature achieved is 16 ° C. This temperature was reached after 5 minutes of cooling with cold tap water and the temperature remains constant as long as the Equine Legcooler is wrapped around the legs.

In contrast to ice packs, the Equine Legcooler provides lasting cooling. With ice packs, the ice absorbs the heat from the leg, causing saturation or even a reverse process in the long run. In addition, with ice packs you run the chance that they are too cold when applied, and thereby damage the skin. The cold water flow of the Legcooler is constant, so that the cooling effect is maintained during the treatment. Because the faucet pieces can be set individually and you can cool four legs at the same time, you use much less water than when each leg has to be cooled separately.


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