Equine Legcooler

Equine Legcooler


The Equine leg cooler cools the horse's legs, dosed and adjustable with cold running water.

You can cool the legs together or individually. You save a lot of water by dosing the water through the taps. You also save a lot of time because you can perform other activities while cooling.

Why is it useful to cool a horse's lower legs with cold water?

During work, the weight of the horse will always come down on the tendons and joints of the lower leg. All kinds of metabolic products are formed and sometimes very small damage will occur in the tissue.

Since tendon tissue in particular has poor circulation, the metabolic products will not be removed as quickly. Also, blood cells are not supplied that quickly to repair the damage.

To improve the blood flow of the horse's lower leg, it is advisable to cool the horse's lower legs after each training or competition with cold water for some time. The lower leg then cools, attracting extra blood to heat the lower leg again. In addition, joints and tendons are returned to their old condition.

This treatment is performed to prevent the legs of the horse from aging rapidly. In fact, it is a restorative and also preventive therapy. Even with an injury, treatment with the Equine Legcooler is very useful and recommended.

Recommended treatment duration is 20 to 30 minutes. Rub the legs thoroughly dry after cooling.

Always pay sufficient attention to any swelling of the legs and the tendons getting hot and warm and contact the veterinarian in the event of an injury

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Choose from the basic set for two legs, an extension set for two legs and the complete set for four legs.
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