Dry Cleaning Pad Sponge

5 Star


Clean your saddlle pads & equipment without water.

*Won't pill or roughen material
*Great for Wool, Felt, Cotton, Mohair and more!

Pad’s with wool fibers build up of hair, sweat and dirt over time. To keep offering the best qualities of your pad: protection your horse by wicking sweat and removing heat, it is imperative to remove as much hair, dirt, vegetation and soil as you can after each ride (or at least every few rides) with the 5 Star Dry Cleaning Sponge. This sponge is intended to be used dry, rubbing in a circular motion on your pad to remove any excess hair.

Helpful Tip: The 5 Star dry cleaning sponge is also great at taking care of those wool cowboy hats!

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All natural dry-clean sponge
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