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Conseil d’un spécialiste

Vous ne savez pas quelle selle prendre pour votre cheval ? Vous souhaitez avoir des conseils de la part d’un spécialiste de selles? Grâce à notre approche systématique, vous trouverez chez EURO-HORSE la bonne selle pour vous et votre cheval. Dans ce film, vous ferez connaissance du plan d’action à 7 étapes d’EURO-HORSE. 

Saddles of different brands
EURO-HORSE has many years of experience in selecting the most suitable saddle for your horse. It does not matter whether you want to buy a new or used saddle. The correct measurements of your horse form the basis of our step-by-step plan. For this we must of course see your horse. We will come to you on appointment (at the stable or on location) for a saddle fitting consultation, including measurement of your horse. Based on this, we will look together for suitable saddles from our range.
Exchanging the western saddle for another used or new western saddle is almost always possible.

When our standard saddles do not fit the back of your horse sufficiently, our tree maker will get to work. Based on the data from the measurement, he designs a custom saddle tree. This will be processed in a saddle completely tailored to your horse.
You will of course receive a detailed quote in advance.

 Saddle fitting consultation including travel expensesConsultation Price when purchasing a saddle
The Netherlands & Belgium (Flanders)€119,95€ 0,-
EQUIscan Topograph Pro€169,90€84,95


Discover the EQUIscan Topograph Pro: A Revolutionary Saddle Fitting Service!

At our company, we prioritize the well-being of you and your horse, which is why we strive for the highest quality and innovation. We are thrilled to announce that we are now working with the EQUIscan Topograph PRO: a groundbreaking method to determine if your saddle fits your horse correctly or to custom-fit a new saddle.

Our saddle fitting service is at the heart of our business, and with the introduction of EQUIscan, we can provide an independent and objective measurement, regardless of the discipline you are involved in. This new method offers insights into areas of the horse's back that were previously inaccessible with traditional fitting methods, such as angle and width measurements. Additionally, you will receive a detailed evaluation of the saddle's fit, presented in a clear and understandable digital report, including a 3D model. You can even view and save this data from the comfort of your own home.

The EQUIscan is ideal for monitoring the saddle fit of sport horses, young horses, and those undergoing rehabilitation. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive assessment of both the horse and rider.

Using professional data, we provide a transparent and conclusive saddle fitting consultation for your horse. This allows us to accurately visualize changes such as muscle development or loss and adjust the saddle accordingly. The quality of our saddle fitting service remains high, but is now further supported by objective data.

Give your horse the comfort and optimal fit it deserves. Choose the Topograph Pro by EQUIscan and experience the revolution in saddle fitting!

A western saddle for your developing horse?

Do you own a young horse or are you rebuilding your horse after an injury or pregnancy?
Of course we are happy to help you. Especially now, a well-fitting saddle is important, but a final purchase might not be desirable yet.
You can contact us for our Young Horse Plan or Rehabilitation Plan.

Both plans work as follows:
At the first appointment we take note of your wishes and look at your horse. Based on the mold made, we will look for a suitable used saddle. If it is possible to ride the horse, you will ride it afterwards.

If the horse is not saddled yet, it is necessary that the horse gets used to a saddle and girth. In addition to the purchase of the first used saddle for your young horse or horse under construction you will also have to purchase our Young Horse Plan or Rehabilitation Plan. Costs in the Netherlands and Belgium €299,95, costs in Germany €329,95. This package assures you that we will visit your horse and saddle three times by appointment. In this way, you will always have a saddle that fits your young horse, despite its growth in height, width, weight and musculature.

If, during this check-up, it is necessary to change the saddle, we will exchange it (possibly with an additional payment) for a saddle that fits well at that moment.The depreciation on the purchased saddle in these plans is € 1.00 per day with normal use. When your horse has acquired the desired musculature and conformation, we have a clear idea of the tree size and you can exchange a saddle (new or used) for the last saddle used. Usually the period between the first saddle and the final saddle is about 1 year.

Repair service
EURO-HORSE is also the right address for repairs or restoration of your western saddle. Contact one of our saddle specialists for a free price quote. Or click here for more information.

Interested in a visit from one of our specialists?

E-mail: [email protected]


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