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Fitting your western boots

Fitting your western boots

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At Twisted X, Fit and Comfort are the most important elements of all our boots! USA based founder of Twisted X, Bob Frazier has gone to great lengths to make the inner workings of all Twisted X boots as comfortable as possible.

After many years developing boots for other major western brands, Bob was tired of seeing deformed “ugly ass” toes from the result of wearing ill fitting boots. The first priority for Bob when starting Twisted X was to offer a boot which fits correctly

The signs of a well fitting boot:

  • Correct fitting from heel to ball joint which is based on the internationally recognised Brannock system. Ball joint being the widest part of the foot, just behind the toes. The toes should not be crammed and move easily.
  • Correct pattern design through instep to heel cup. Foot entry in to the boot should be firm, quite often requiring moderate force to get on. A plastic bag can often be of assistance getting the foot in to a new boot especially during the first few wears until the leather gives and conforms to the shape of the foot! Once on, the plastic bag can be pulled out and removed. The boot may have some slip at the heel when walking, this is normal and will disappear over the first few wears as the boot flexes through the sole and conforms to the foot.
  • The boots are high quality cowboy boots, which means you'll have to work to get them on, then once your foot is in place, it should feel extremely comfortable. Your arch should feel supported.

Twisted X has researched and extensively tested the fit of all their boots to bring you the most comfortable and superior fitting western boots available. Their mission is to make a lasting difference in the world by creating the most comfortable footwear for any lifestyle using sustainable methods and materials.

Twisted X® was born when the desire for comfortable, quality, and innovative footwear provided the opportunity to change the western industry. A few years later, realizing the need for casual comfort, “The Original” Twisted X Driving Moc was introduced and the western industry was never the same. Today, with our rebellious and relentless drive for creating uncompromised innovations in comfort and sustainability, Twisted X has created an extensive range of styles for the lifestyle, outdoor, work, and western markets, while still honoring our western roots and heritage.

Sustainability comes second nature to us. From creating new fabrics out of recycled plastics, to exploring new techniques for construction, Twisted X® holistically evaluates every step of our process to continue to create environmentally-responsible footwear and production processes without compromising quality and performance.

Small changes can make a big impact. That’s why we look to nature for inspiration when it comes to using eco-friendly-materials in our products. We currently use natural materials such as merino wool, cork, molasses, bamboo, algae, and rice husk in our footwear to create a more holistic product.

In addition to our materials that are inspired by nature, we use materials that help clean up the environment and reduce waste. Our ecoTWX fabric is created from up cycled plastic bottles that are salvaged from landfills and oceans. Each pair of shoes is made up of approximately 13 bottles, and with your help, we have been able to clean up more than 7.5 million plastic bottles from the environment.

Twisted X has committed to taking small steps to make a big difference in our operations. In 2020, we became carbon neutral in our headquarters, along with our global factories, our distribution, and our shipping.

Enjoy our boots!!



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