Stable Boots Aero-Magneto



Stable Boots Aero-Magneto, also available as TEST version.

Stable and transport protectors with magnetotherapy, equipped with N35 neodymium magnets. The protectors are a practical solution for protecting and supporting horse legs in the stable and during transport.

The magnetic field stimulates blood circulation, heals and reduces swelling and inflammation. As a result, magnetotherapy also accelerates the elimination of toxins and regenerative processes.

Perfectly shaped to prevent slipping. Ventilation holes ensure an effective air circulation. Stable Boots Aero-Magneto are comfortable and made of high quality materials, a well-known and appreciated product among top riders but also for amateurs who want the best for their horses.

Machine washable at 30 ° C

Available for front and rear legs, from size S to XL

Doubts? Order the test sample . You order the test product, pay the original purchase price and we send the product. You then have 5 working days to test the product. After 5 days you can return the product (at your own expense) and indicate whether you want to receive the real version or get the purchase amount credited. If you do not wish to receive the real version of the test product, we charge € 6.95 for sending the test product, this € 6.95 will then be deducted from the amount credited, ie the purchase price of the test product. We will only refund the purchase price if the test version is undamaged and returned within the specified test period of one week. Returns are at your own risk.


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Available for front and rear legs, from size S to XL. Also available as a test set!
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