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2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light
2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light
2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light

2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light

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Size: Regular 6''x 5 1/8''
Treadwidth: 2'' Lesen Sie mehr..

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High quality craftsmanship from the design to the finished stirrup: That's what Nettles Stirrups are all about and the Nettles trademark guarantees it.

Meet The Chisolms, aptly named after John Wayne and the best-looking, best-riding, best-built stirrup on the market.

This stirrup is designed by cutting horse Hall of Fame trainer and problem-solving guru Ronnie Nettles. Made of five oak laminates from logs milled at the Nettles Stirrups Manufacturing Company, The Chisholm is a great work stirrup. It is graded at five stations during the building process, has rounded inside edges and is finished in a Gunstock Light that blends smartly with todays saddles. The Chisholm’s excellent stability and smart style makes it the best value stirrups on the market. 

Why Nettles Stirrups Work . . .

The Process

It begins with quality logs to guarantee clean wood is used in the construction of Nettles Stirrups.The logs are cut into laminates and then glued together. This layering process provides strength, cushions the pounding on a rider’s hips, knees, and feet, eliminate stress cracks and stirrup warping. Five laminates construct The Chisolms. Stirrups pass five gradings during the building process. Construction includes a steeper bend in the stirrup which increases comfort and reduces the risk of losing the stirrup. A uniquely structured stirrup tread sets the rider’s foot and aids with balance. Built with innovative machinery designed by Ronnie Nettles.

The Leather

The highest quality leather available is used, enhancing a longer tread life. A Nettles-designed lacing machine snugly attaches treads with five lacings in The Chisolms line. Skived treads create a closer fit and neater appearance.

The Metal

Double steel rollers provide extra strength.A smaller throat diameter helps eliminate shin pressure. Brass and chrome nuts accent Nettles Stirrups.

Nettles Stirrups Are All About Safety . . .
The best quality oak logs are the basic wood used, making them stronger and hence, safer. There are no veneers or soft woods used in the Nettles building process. Lamination eliminates cracking, a problem for other non-laminated wooden stirrups. A double steel roller adds double strength to the stirrup throat and it will hold its shape throughout the stirrup’s life. Plastic rollers however, with time, will bow from the gravitational pull throwing the rider out of balance. The Nettles Oxbow Stirrup has a slightly wider width in its middle allowing a rapid exit should you need to unexpectedly dismount. Nettles Stirrups are built double-tough to help you withstand the ravages of some of the rowdiest wrecks. Should, however, a horse fall hard, the stirrup can break, freeing you from the saddle. Add the numerous small details that only a trainer would know and want for his own safety and you can rest assured Nettles Stirrups are built with protection in mind!

Nettles Stirrups are all about Strength . . .
This Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Diesel is perched on top of a Nettles 3 inch Flatbottom stirrup. The plyboard under the stirrup cracked, but the stirrup remained solid as she comes, as you can see from the pictures.
What Does This Mean To You?
Added Security! Should a horse fall with you, unlike aluminum or wooden stirrups wrapped with metal which might catch your foot in a squeeze, Nettles Stirrups will most likely withstand the pressure. And if they don’t, a broken stirrup is easier to repair than a damaged leg or foot!

Solving Rider Problems

Black on the side of your boot?
Nettles Stirrups won’t rub the side of your foot and leave tale-tell signs.

Stirrups hurt the sides of your feet?
Nettles Stirrups has an innovative design specifically formulated to eliminate side foot pressure.

Foot fatigue and foot ache?
The use of lamination and Nettles Stirrups’ unique building process helps eliminate foot fatigue and foot ache.

Pain on your shins?
Those same quality products, along with the right size stirrup for the foot and coupled with superb craftsmanship eliminates the discomfort often caused by a stirrup’s throat pressure against your shins.

Not sitting firmly in the saddle?
That Nettles unique structure, developed by a trainer who sits in the saddle day after day helps the rider sit firmly in the saddle and maintain balance. That’s not something a Chinese worker can copy!

With his expertise of 35 years in the saddle, Ronnie (founder of Nettles Stirrups) designed his own style of stirrup, one that had innovative designs to eliminate pressure, to eradicate foot pain, to place the foot better in the stirrup, and therefore the rider better in the saddle. Nettles opted for the lamination method because of the extra durability and the damping effect.

Today, the Nettles Stirrups are famous worldwide. Every design is tested in the arena next to the production house, so no bracket with the Nettles brand leaves the ranch without the approval of the chief designer.




2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light

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Review 2'' Chisholms Gunstock Light

Size: Regular 6''x 5 1/8''
Treadwidth: 2''

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