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Martin Saddlery Sideline Hobbles
Martin Saddlery Sideline Hobbles
Martin Saddlery Sideline Hobbles

Martin Saddlery Sideline Hobbles

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Descrizione del prodotto

The Sideline Hobbles are made with quality rope and leather featuring an easy on/off application.?

Horses sometimes get in trouble; if they???ve trained in hobbles, they understand patience and remain calm during these times. For example, if a correctly trained horse finds itself in a bind while unloading from a trailer, he stops and waits for help, or if the animal gets tangled in fencing, he knows to stands still and remains calm.

During trail rides, it???s nice to unsaddle your horse for the night, put hobbles on your horse and let it roam. Horses need forage, and some time to move around after riding, leg restraints allow this.

Warnings: Only use hobbles if you have experience with them. Only use hobbles on horses that are used to them. Always use them on soft ground.



Sideline Hobbles

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For professional use only!

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