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MAYO Flexfeeder
MAYO Flexfeeder
MAYO Flexfeeder
MAYO Flexfeeder
MAYO Flexfeeder

MAYO Flexfeeder

€199,95IVA Incl.

The feeder for every type of horse. Self-adjustable from shetlander to shire. Per saperne di più..

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Descrizione del prodotto

What makes MAYO's hay bar so unique?

The feeder is made of EVA foam, this is light, soft and flexible. This prevents injuries when the horse rolls around in his box or stands up clumsily. In the feeder fits easily a full bale of hay of 15 kg. 

Due to the small opening at the bottom, the hay box easily loses dust and grit.

The feeder fits perfectly in a corner and therefore takes up little space. It is also very easy to clean, just hose it down during the annual cleaning and it is as good as new.

If your horse continues to eat hay too quickly then the big advantage is that you can use the flexfeeder together with a hay net. You attach a ring to the wall inside the flexfeeder where you attach the hay net. This keeps the hay net neatly in the feeder.
The big advantage over a hay net that you have to hang up is that the horses can eat in a natural position namely with their head down. 

The MAYO FlexFeeder is a feeder that can be placed against any wall. This package that you can assemble very easily contains 2 profiles, 1 piece of EVA foam and the necessary assembly materials. The profiles can be mounted against the wall and you can decide for yourself how high, wide or deep you want your feeder to be. Made of the same quality as the MAYO horse mattresses and therefore the Flex Feeder is flexible and yet soft. Fits in every stable and can be made to measure for every type of horse, from shetlander to shire. The foam can be shortened with a sharp Stanley knife.

The size of the EVA foam is 122 cm wide at the top and 102 cm wide at the bottom.
The profiles are 90cm high and the EVA foam is 95cm high.

Due to its nature and manual production process, MAYO products may show optical traces of imperfections.

MAYO Flexfeeder Montage from Rob Bulte on Vimeo.

MAYO has been solely active in the animal industry for 30 years. This is your assurance that all products are of the highest quality and meet all animal standards. [DLG Test Certificate 6187F].



MAYO Flexfeeder

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The feeder for every type of horse. Self-adjustable from shetlander to shire.

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