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Cavalor Hoof Aid Special
Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

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Descrizione del prodotto

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special stimulates hoof development and promotes hoof quality. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is a complete and concentrated mix of all nutrients essential to optimum hoof development and hoof quality.

It contains biotin, yeasts, amino acids, and fatty acids. This combination of ingredients is key to healthy hooves and helps improve problem hooves.

The exact biotin requirement for horses is not known, but problem hooves will benefit from higher doses. Please note: a minimum dose of 25??"30 mg biotin per day is need for noticeable effects. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special provides a generous daily dose of biotin.

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special also contains numerous other ingredients with proven effects on hoof quality and development. To ensure the stability of Cavalor Hoof Aid Special, vitamins have been separated from trace elements.

This inhibits interreaction for optimum function. The green granules contain vitamins and minerals, including MSM, B vitamins, vitamin C, and choline chloride, which influence a significant number of bodily functions.

The beige granules include the trace elements copper and zinc in an easily absorbable form. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special also contains the essential amino acids lysine and sulphur-containing methionine to support hoof flexibility.

These important ingredients are supplemented with live yeast cultures to support digestion and ensure optimum feed conversion, improving the horse???s general condition and vitality.

The hoof wall grows from the coronet and takes about 2 months before the new hoof is noticeably visible. We recommend using Cavalor Hoof Aid Special for at least 3??"6 months.

When the hooves look healthy again, the daily dose can be halved for continued healthy hoof development.

Recommended use for Cavalor Hoof Aid Special:? 50 grammes per day, maximum of 100 grammes per horse per day.



Hoof Aid Special

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