Events 2020

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Phone numbers:
Evelien Lalesse-Velthuis, for the Netherlands and Germany: +31651082855
Dominique van Buuren, for the Netherlands and Belgium: +31651702061



Contests and events 2020

26-27 Januar

Western Experience 2020

30 Januar - 2 Februar

KWPN Stallion Show 

22-24 Februar

Flanders Horse Expo 

13-17 März

DRHA in Grathem.

9-14 April

European Futurity in Italien.

22-26 Mai

DRHA in Grathem.

30 Mai-02 Juni

DLW in Someren.

6-9 Juni

NRHA Belgium Show in Grathem.

20-23 Juni

Dutch Open in Wanroij.

11-14 Juli


23-28 Juli

Europäischen Derby in Kreuth.

21-25 August

DRHA in Grathem.

4-8 September

Americana 2019.

25-29 September

NRHA Belgium Futurity in Azelhof.

16. bis 20. Oktober

DRHA End of the Year Show in Grathem.

22-30 November

NRHA Italië in Cremona.