MAYO Horse mattress 1.83x1.20m



This 44 mm thick mattress from Mayo is the flagship when it comes to stable mattresses. This mattress has 30 years of development and experience. This mattress is the softest of all and therefore gives extra comfort to your horse.

Dimensions: 183x120cm / Hammer hammer profile

MAYO horse mattress from Rob Bulte on Vimeo .

Why a horse mattress?

The 5 differences between Mayo mattresses and rubber mats or tiles

How is it possible to keep your animals comfortable and clean with less litter. If we look at the functions of straw we can divide it into two categories.

1. straw must have a shock-absorbing capacity, be comfortable, warm and soft to the animal.

2. Straw absorbs moisture and keeps the animals clean and dry.

MAYO mattresses are not mats or floor elements, a MAYO mattress is a soft, warm and comfortable bed! And thus replaces function 1 of straw as a whole.

With MAYO mattresses you only have to scatter to keep your animal clean and dry. The amount of litter that you save with this is different per user and horse, but you do save anyway. In addition, many stories are known about how to train a horse. Did you know that a horse is going to fatten where he or she is the least dirty? So that is more in a corner where there is straw than on a mattress.

MAYO mattresses seem like a costly investment, but in the long term they are guaranteed to yield savings. They last longer than all rubber alternatives and offer more comfort. It is not for nothing that MAYO is a trusted name and market leader in both Ireland and the UK for 30 years

Each mattress is made from the highest quality EVA foam. This guarantees comfort and shock absorption for a long time. The material is known for never hardening and absorbing shocks whether they are large or small. The EVA material will never harden or show pits.

100% EVA is the keyword. There are different types of EVA in circulation. EVA is used in sports mats, play mats and fitness floors. However, in animal husbandry, the requirements of the EVA itself are much lower than those of the private sector. The weights of animals are significantly higher than those of humans and therefore the material must consist of 100% EVA. Filling the mats with (waste) rubber, sand or other synthetic materials will drastically shorten the lifespan.

MAYO has only been active in animal husbandry for 30 years. That is your assurance that all our products are of the highest quality and meet all animal standards. [DLG Test Certificate 6187F].

This product is not suitable for lying outside in full sunlight.

Simple, the mattresses weigh 11 to 12 kg each, which makes them particularly light. Big cleaning? No problem you can lift them with ease!

Hygiene and time saving
Although the mattress is made of foam. The closed cell structure ensures that the mattresses will not absorb a drop of moisture their entire life. Manure does not adhere to the mattress and, in combination with the low litter used, you are ready to muck out the stable faster than ever.

The mattresses at MAYO have been made in Ireland for 30 years. We offer the most comfortable, durable, hygienic and simplest mattress available on the market.

PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT DELIVERY COSTS FOR THIS PRODUCT: Delivery in the Netherlands within 14 days costs € 75.00. From 60 mattresses we deliver free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We can also deliver and deposit in the Netherlands within 14 days for € 175.00. Of course you can also pick up the order yourself for free in Beek (Montferland).

This product is not suitable for lying outside in full sunlight.

Custom mattresses from Rob Bulte on Vimeo .




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EVA foam, size per mattress is 1.20m by 1.83m. Thickness around 40 mm
Elise Kettner 26-10-2019 16:18

Mijn paarden staan op zaagsel en liggen veel. Het kwam geregeld voor dat ze uiteindelijk toch op het beton stonden of lagen door verschuiving van het zaagsel of simpel weg omdat er net te weinig zaagsel in de box lag . Dat is nu verleden tijd! Daarbij werkt het isolerend, is het schoon en erg goed voor oudere paarden of paarden met gewrichtsproblemen. Een van mijn paarden had standaard altijd een iets opgelopen been. Dat is ook verleden tijd. Iedereen die dit herkend zou eigenlijk eens de matrassen van Mayo moeten proberen. 1 x investeren en Levenslang plezier voor paard én mens!

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