Hoveler Stixx horse treats



1 The Original Höveler StiXX

StiXX are easy to eat and healthy horse treats for your horse and pony. In the hygienic and environmentally friendly packaging they are a tasteful reward at home and on the road.

Available in the flavors; banana, apple, spices, carrot and forest fruits with real fruit and vegetable pieces.

2 The Höveler PUR.STIXX is free from grains, molasses and artificial additives and offers a tasty treat for your horse. The gently dried grasses and herbs contain many nutrients and make natural food as possible. High-quality raw materials such as linseed, apple sauce and chicory also support healthy digestion.

Composition: apple sauce, alfalfa, sunflower seeds, chicory, carrot flakes, grass / herb plants, linseed, oregano, chamomile

3 Original Höveler unicorn StiXX

The original Höveler unicorn StiXX is a magical treat for your horse. They are a mouth-friendly and tasty reward at home and on the road. A fine selection of real berries and beetroot make the StiXX unicorn a delicious, pink snack!

composition : Wheat flour, puffed corn, corn gluten feed, beetroot 5%, calcium carbonate, oat bran, sodium chloride, potato starch, blackberries 0.1%, elderberries 0.1%

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Fruits 1 kg bag. Unicorn 750 gram
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