Bitology by Weaver Leather

We know it’s tempting to buy the prettiest, coolest looking bit that jumps out at you when you’re looking at the bit wall in your local tack store. But did you know that the type of bit, mouthpiece and shanks serve different purposes on your horse? On the surface, bits may seem pretty cut and dry, but when you start digging deeper, you will realize that there is a science behind them and their functions. It is important to remember as you read through our information and do further research on your own that there are varying opinions on the uses of certain types of bits as well as different training methods. We recommend you find the bit that works well and is comfortable for both you and your horse. Any bit in the wrong hands can do damage to a horse’s mouth. Finding the right bit may require some trial and error, so it is best to start with the least severe bit possible. Bits are available in a wide selection of styles to meet a variety of needs and the options can be overwhelming. Bits are a communication tool intended to work with your body’s cues as you direct your horse. If you’re looking for a bit to solve your horse’s behavioral problems, we recommend consulting a trainer instead. No bit can fix everything and there is no one bit that works well for every horse. Please use the information here, and advice from a trainer, to choose the right bit for you and your horse.....

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