V Correctional

Jim Edwards


Fixed non-palate pressure bits.

For non-palate pressure bits, the shank gives the rider leverage and the mouthpiece applies the pressure. All pressure response in non-palate mouthpieces focuses on the edges of the horse’s tongue. This type of pressure provides horses with a direct cue. Non palate pressure mouthpieces are under 2” in height and provide ample amount of tongue relief without interfering with the of their mouth.

Jim has spent much of his life gaining an understanding of how a horse thinks. His dedication to improving communication and horsemanship has shaped his bits into what they are today. Many world champion reiners, cutters, and pleasure horse riders have trained and shown in Jim Edwards bits.

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5 1/2 '' shank. Jim Edwards bits are handmade in Blum, Texas. All mouthpieces are made of mild steel and have a lifetime warranty.
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