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Nettles Stirrups Regular 1,5’’ Halfbreed Rustic Wrangler

Nettles Stirrups Regular 1,5’’ Halfbreed Rustic Wrangler

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Size: Regular 6''x 5 1/8''
Treadwidths: 1.5''
Finishing: Rustic Wrangler Lesen Sie mehr..

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“The Halfbred” with its wider opening through the middle is the perfect stirrup for someone with a wider foot, a great feature inherited from its Oxbow relative. Measuring 5 3/8 inches at its widest point the wider opening allows better in and out foot access. This 6 piece laminated stirrup measures 5 1/2 inches in height and offers slimmer sides for a less constricted feel.

One of the best features of all in the Nettles Stirrup is the use of only the highest quality materials on the market – from wood to leather to steel. Add exceptional craftsmanship and you’ve got a stirrup you can trust.

The red oak used in Nettles Stirrups is of the highest quality oak available, yet it still must pass two grading processes before it qualifies to become a part of Nettles Stirrups. Wood, being a natural product, is more comfortable to the foot. Think about the difference between standing on a wood floor and standing on a concrete one.

Rather than one piece of wood, vife pieces construct the premier stirrup, eliminating stress and cracks in the bend. Five pieces of oak laying on top of one another cushions and softens the pounding on a rider’s hips, knees, and feet.

The Nettles Stirrups have double steel rollers for extra strength.

The Nettles Stirrups rollers have a smaller throat diameter, which helps to eliminate shin pressure.

A unique stirrup bottom structure, unparalleled in any other product, helps set the riders foot and aids with balance in the saddle. 

With his expertise of 35 years in the saddle, Ronnie (founder of Nettles Stirrups) designed his own style of stirrup, one that had innovative designs to eliminate pressure, to eradicate foot pain, to place the foot better in the stirrup, and therefore the rider better in the saddle. Nettles opted for the lamination method because of the extra durability and the damping effect.

Today, the Nettles Stirrups are famous worldwide. Every design is tested in the arena next to the production house, so no bracket with the Nettles brand leaves the ranch without the approval of the chief designer.



Regular 1,5’’ Halfbreed Rustic Wrangler

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Review Nettles Stirrups Regular 1,5’’ Halfbreed Rustic Wrangler

Size: Regular 6''x 5 1/8''
Treadwidths: 1.5''
Finishing: Rustic Wrangler

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