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BlueClay Blue Clay
BlueClay Blue Clay
BlueClay Blue Clay
BlueClay Blue Clay
BlueClay Blue Clay
BlueClay Blue Clay

BlueClay Blue Clay

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BlueClay is the best natural remedy against inflammation of muscles, tendons, swellings and joint problems.

With its strong mineralizing power and its antiseptic, absorbent, bactericidal and cicatrizing effects, it can solve many of your horses problems: inflamed or sore muscles and tendons, sprains, swellings, bruises, joint pains, fissures, wounds and so on.

BlueClay is obtained from an entire hill already exploited for quarries for multiple purposes, located between the Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea. All the clay produced by this quarry was inhomogeneous, with an upper layer made from clay with a higher percentage of silica and a lower layer formed by the blue clay which constitutes the product marketed as BlueClay

BlueClay extracted is therefore obtained from the lower layer and has excellent chemical characteristics, as shown by the analysis attached to available reports, which are carried out and updated annually.

With your bare hands, apply BlueClay® locally where your horse manifests its problems. If the location permits it, apply wraps.

Let it dry completely before removing with water, but if possible leave it on site for many hours.

It can be applied several times a day and the more you use the more efficient it will be. Swollen legs and inflamed tendons will profoundly benefit from the use of BlueClay .

You will be amazed of the simplicity of use and the benefits found. In force of the completely natural components, this can be used without limits and is not a doping product.


Information on Mineralogic Componenets:


The illite is a mineral belonging to the “A” clay minerals, a subgroup of phyllosilica-tes. More specifically with this name a series of minerals is designated whose extremes have not yet been completely characterized.
Illite is used, like other minerals of the clays, to support the good functioning of the enteric system, apparently since ancient times. Unlike other clays minerals, the illite does not “swell” in contact with water and is able to absorb and release minerals not only in the intestine and in other tissues. In some cases, the so-called “green clay” is in large part constituted by illite.


is one of the most important feldspar of the earth’s crust and is an isomorphic species of tectosilicates. The two extreme terms of this isomorphic species are Albite (sodium plagioclase of NaAlSi3O8 formula) and Anortite (calcic plagioclase CaAl2Si2O8 ) where stability is growing at different temperature and pressure conditions but the formula is the same for pseudomorphic groups.Plagioclase is formed at various temperatures and pressures; for this reason it is very common and abundant in various intrusive magmatic rocks, from the most basic ones such as gabbro (which preferably contain members with more calcium), to acidic ones like granite (which instead prefer members with more sodium, since these the latter solidify at generally lower temperatures). The correct identification of the plagioclase crystal is therefore often fundamental in petrology for the reconstruction of the history of rock formation. Plagioclase can also be contained in metamorphic rocks; however, it is generally not found in sedimentary ones


Typical mineral of sedimentary origin, both by direct chemical precipitation by evaporation of supersaturated solutions, and by sedimentation of organic remains of marine organisms that use calcium carbonate as their shell.

It can also originate in metamorphic and rarely magmatic rocks, where it is deposited in the fractures in which the high temperature and over-saturated fluid circulates.
Due to the geographic location of the quarry in question it derives principally from the presence of fossil shells.

Information on Chemical Componenets:


Frequent in the free state in nature in different crystalline forms (quartz) and in amorphous form (opal).
Silicon stimulates calcium metabolism, promotes the formation of collagen and strengthens bones and connective tissues. Useful in case of demineralization, decalcification and osteoporosis. Prevents cell aging and improves the elasticity of blood vessels. Indicated in the treatment of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis and also counteracts cerebral atony, loss of concentration and memory.
Overall silicon stimulates the immune system and attenuates inflammatory states.


It is a volcanic or sedimentary rock with a color ranging from yellow to brown red, as the quantity of iron contained in it increases. Significant amounts of alumina are also contained in pure clay, where they can reach a consistency of 36% and more. It is the hydrated form of aluminum. It is a basic substance soluble in water, where it releases hydroxide ions which cause an increase in pH.
Alumina is a very particular homeopathic remedy. This is the combination of an oxide with a metal, in this case of aluminum, from which derives some of the biological effects it possesses. Its appearance is that of a white powder, devoid of both flavor and smell, as well as almost insoluble in water and alcohol.
Alumina is applied for the regression of pain in the limbs, musculature and complex bone structures as well as the vertebral column.


Magnesium can be found for sale in various forms and provides help in many situations: rapid cellular restorations, relaxes muscles, nerves and joints, promotes skin hydration by eliminating dryness and cracking as well as exfoliation, accelerates the speed of wound healing and soothes inflammation, improving the protective barrier function of the skin. Great for massages.


The calcium carbonate used for the preparation of homeopathic medicines is extracted from the central layer of mother of pearl of the oyster shell and in general from shells.
This remedy serves to revitalize the metabolism and rebalance calcium absorption. At topical level it therefore specifically acts on bones and joints, on the lymphatic glands, on the veins, on the skin. It has proved its utility in dysfunctions due to defects of calcium assimilation such as rickets, spinal weakness, osteopathy, dental caries, degenerative osteoarthritis with osteophytes, diffuse calcifications, joint problems and rheumatism.



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Erhältlich in 2, 5 kg und 8 kg.

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